Quila On February 8, 2020, Silver Linings Rescue was contacted by Janet Showley, the Executive Director of the Fulton County Animal Shelter. She was seeking rescue for a senior female dog named Tequila who had been kept as an outside dog most of her life. About


Oliver - by Kathy George & Rachel DiGregorio I occasionally help with the rehoming of pets and received a call from my groomer asking if I could help two dogs whose owner, Sam, was going into hospice care at a Bloomington facility. My groomer asked if I could speak to Sam's

Suki Update!

Suki Update! Suki was one of our very first cases and we learned a lot from him. He was our first intake and I fostered him from March- April 2019. Once he returned home, I became his case manager. I provided support to his owner and walked him weekly for many

My New Old Man

My New Old Man We met in a parking lot. Our first picture together – taken by the lovely and over-extended Rescue Rep – depicts all three of us as nervous deer in headlights. We've never looked like that in real life. But at the time, seconds from driving back to