Silver Linings Rescue

Mission: To support senior dogs and cats by finding homes, providing education and resources, and encouraging healthy relationships between people and their pets in and around Monroe County, IN.

Supporting people who are at risk of losing their pets due to lack of resources or assistance during hospitalization is just one of the ways we’re fulfilling that mission.

One of our other initiatives is the Senior to Senior program, where we focus not only on senior pet adoptions, but also on our senior human population. We know how much a pet can enrich our lives. This can be even more true for a senior person, providing purpose, companionship and joy. But we recognize that there may be barriers to senior people enjoying and caring for a senior pet. So, we also focus on retention programs to help older owners keep their pets in their homes through the following efforts:

  • Developing outreach and education programs to create awareness of programs and resources available, not only through Silver Linings Rescue but other resources in the community.
  • Working closely with shelters and rescue organizations to find the best match for program participants.
  • Providing ongoing support to adopters by building relationships and providing resources when necessary.
  • Partnering with senior living facilities to broaden the possibility of enrichment for senior people and pets.