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If you’re interested in supporting Silver Linings through volunteering or serving on a committee, please fill out the following form and someone will be in touch!

Our committees are as follows:

  • Outreach & Education Committee – The Outreach Committee is responsible for creating awareness of programs and resources offered by Silver Linings Rescue. Hosting presentations to groups at senior facilities, groups & therapists. Overseeing marketing materials, both print and online. Overseeing applications and submitting to the Case Management Committee for review. Recruiting and training fosters. Identifying and developing new volunteers.
  • Case Management Committee – Appoints and Oversees case managers. Reviews applications and accept/reject applicants for foster and/or adoption, pending board approval, observes and confirms housing. Administers and evaluates senior support needed.
  • Resource Committee – The Resource Committee manages the organization’s resources, financial, in kind donations, grants, fundraising efforts and volunteers. The Resource Committee also engages and manages a bookkeeper and submits an annual budget and finance report at each board meeting.
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