Pet Care Plan

Bloomington Pet Care Plan - MurphySilver Linings Rescue recommends pet owners form a pet care plan if the owner passes away or becomes too ill to care for their pets. An important part of this plan is identifying and designating a caregiver as well as writing detailed instructions on how the caregiver should best care for their pets.

We recommend that you select a caregiver and a back-up caregiver who agree to be responsible for your pet(s) should anything happen to you. Caregivers are typically responsible for the day-to-day care of your pet(s). They should fully understand the obligation and requirements for this role. Your choice of caregiver should take into consideration the potential lifespan of your pet(s).

You also should consider appointing a trustee to administering any funding that you set aside for your pet(s). Trustees might provide annual payments to caregivers as outlined in your estate plan or trust to cover the expenses of caring for your pet(s). We recommend reaching out to an attorney if you would like to set up a trust for your pet.

Once you complete this form and attach the recommended documents, you should give copies to any caregivers, pet sitters, dog walkers, veterinarians, and Silver Linings Rescue. If applicable, also give copies to the attorney preparing your estate plan. Silver Linings Rescue does not give legal advice. Nothing contained in this information packet should be interpreted as legal advice or the practice of law.